U.S.G.A.RULES APPLY – See Scorecard

SCORECARD:  Each player is responsible for the correct hole-by-hole scores.

STROKE PLAY / DOUBT AS TO PROCEDURE:  If you are in doubt as to the correct rule procedure, play out the ball in play and also play a second ball.  You must report the facts to the committee immediately after the round, unless the scores for both balls turned out to be the same.

NOTE:  Cart paths include ALL paved areas, worn edges of paths and non-paved extensions of the path that are also worn.  You may take relief.

Older mulch (wood chips) on the ground around younger trees may be moved as a LOOSE IMPEDIMENT as long as the position of the ball is not changed.  (Moving a ball “at rest” is a one stroke penalty and the ball must be replaced to its original position.)

The WHITE POSTS in the fairways (150 yard markers) are movable obstructions.  If the post will interfere with your swing path or line of flight, remove the post, play your shot, and return the post to its proper position.

DEFINITION:  Interference with an immovable obstruction occurs when a ball lies in or on the obstruction
or so close to the obstruction that the obstruction interferes with the players stance or the area of the players intended swing.  The player may find the nearest point of relief and take a drop.

NOTE:  Obstruction of the line of play by an immovable obstruction is NOT interference.

Ski poles and light poles and bird houses are immovable obstructions.

NOTE:  Any ball hitting ski light poles, ski wires, ski lights, or any other ski equipment MUST  be replayed.
  Bird Houses must not be removed.

In order to use the drop areas by #8 green, the ball has to clear the margin of the hazard by the green.  The margin of the hazard is the yellow line on the bank, not the water line.  The hazard margins are marked so if a ball plugs in the mud or the bank, the ball has not crossed the margin of the hazard.  The ball must be dropped behind the hazard.

There is in-course out of bounds on #14 to the right side of the fairway.  There is no relief from out of bounds stakes on #14, but if they interfere with you while playing #17, you are entitled to relief.  (Immovable Obstructions.)

On #12 and #15, the irrigation pump stations ARE obstructions.  Relief may be taken.

The shrubs to the left of #14 fairway, shrubs growing next to the clubhouse and the shrubs surrounding the air conditioner unit on #18 are GROUND UNDER REPAIR.  Play is prohibited from these areas.  A drop must be taken.  There is no penalty.  (Rule 25-l)  No penalty for a ball lost in these areas.

In bunkers, rocks and stones are MOVABLE OBSTRUCTIONS.  If the ball moves, it must be replaced.

To save time, play a provisional ball if you think your ball may be lost.

Copyright © Como Men's Club.  All rights reserved.
Copyright © Como Men's Club.  All rights reserved.