2019 Club Events

4-20  Modified Scramble Tournament -  This is part scramble and part stroke play.  On every hole, all players (A, B, C, and D) tee off and your team will decide which drive you would like to play from. After choosing the drive you would like to play from, all players will play their own shots the rest of the hole.  Teams record the best low ball score using handicaps.  There is no required number of tee shots for each player in the group.

4-27:  Strike 3-Singles.  You throw out your 3 high scores.  Low net.

4-28:  2 Ball Blind Draw – Play as a 4 some.  Team is a blind draw.  1 or 2 Ball Calcutta depending on number signed up.  Play in own group.

5-5:  Hate Em – Prior to the round, choose 2 par 4s on the front nine and 1 par 3 and 1 par 4 on the back nine that won’t count towards your score. 

5-11:  Cha Cha Cha Calcutta- First hole 1 ball counts.  Second hole 2 balls, 3rd hole 3 balls.  Net score.  Repeat.

5-12 Individual Quota Point-Take Handicap and subtract from 36.  This is how many points you need to break even.  Most points win.  Bogey=+1 point; Par=+2; Birdie=+4; Eagle=+8;Albatross=+16.

5-26 Calcutta (Dogfight) – 2 Ball- This tournament format will allow you to play with your own foursome just like any other weekend and still allow you to be a part of a Calcutta at the same time.  Teams will be made up of the normal A, B, C, & D players.  Teams will be blind drawn after everyone has teed off and put on our normal Calcutta sheets. You won’t know your teammates until the round is finished.  The winners will be based on the team’s low net score for 18 holes using the two lowest net scores on each hole. 

6-1:  Hate Em – Prior to the round choose 1 hole on each nine that won’t count towards your score.

6-9:  Eliminator Calcutta – 1 Ball Net.  Player whose score is used on the first hole is eliminated until the 4th hole. The last player who hasn’t been used counts on the 4th hole.  After 4 holes it starts over with all 4 players available.  Individual $5 skin game required for this one.

6-15:  Doubles low net, except both scores count for this event.

6-29:  Strike 3 Blind Draw – Committee at random draws 3 holes that won’t be used for scoring for the whole field.

7-13   2 – 3 Ball Calcutta.  2 Balls count on the front nine, 3 on the back.  Net scores.

7-21  Individual Quota Point – See 4-22 for description.

7-28  Modified Stableford Scoring-  Take your net score each hole.  You get 1 point for Bogie, 2 points for par, 4 points for birdie, 8 points for eagle and 16 points for double eagle..  Highest total score wins.

8-3:  4 person scramble.  Ned Hanna memorial.

8-10:  Strike 3 – Prior to the round Player chooses 1 par 3, 1 par 4 and 1 par 5 that won’t count towards his score.

9-7:  Red White and Blue Calcutta-A player tees off from Blue Tees, B & C from White Tees, D player from Red Tees.

9-14:  Doubles Selective Nine:  Pick a partner and prior to the round decide which nine holes each partner’s score will count.
9-22:  Las Vegas – Doubles low net.  Both balls count and scores are combined.  For example, if one player makes a net 4 and the other a net 5 the team’s score on the hole is 45.  Low total for 18 holes wins.

9-28  Ryder Cup.  Pick a partner.  Play 6 holes best ball, 6 holes alternate shot and 6 holes scramble.

10-6:  Four Club Tournament.  Pick 4 clubs which are the only clubs used the entire round.

The Men’s Club adds money to the Calcuttas.
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