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Como Mens Club Board of Directors (Committee)

President - Chris Conrad (Tournament)

Vice President - Wayne Miller (Tournament, Greens)

Secretary/Treasurer - John Magnuson

Handicap Chairman - Gary Ketchel

Doug Miller (Tournament)

Dave Overkamp (Dress Code Enforcement)

John Cacich (Metro Seniors)

Chuck Finken

John Preuss 
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Board Meeting Minutes
Board of Directors Meeting
February 17, 2020

Present:Wayne Miller, John Magnuson, John Cacich, Joe Giefer, Chuck Finken Jack Kenney,
Dave Overkamp, Gary Ketchel, Doug Miller, Chris Conrad 
Call to
Order:  7:15 p.m.

January minutes were distributed, examined, and accepted.

Wayne reported the operating budget balance is $1,068.12 and the Hole-in-One balance being $500.00. 


Scorecard advertising was discussed and although Chuck Finken had acquired 4 new ads, 4 more new ads will be needed for this year’s card.

The new handicap system was again discussed.

The new schedule was discussed a little bit. This was tabled from the January meeting to tonight.


The new handicap system was further discussed.  Instead of using the 100 (Age + handicap) method of determining which members could use alternate tees in events, a new combo system is being considered.  For members who cannot hit drives of 175+ yards and have handicap index of 18.1 or more, the combo tees (White and red) may be used.  Any golfer with an index of 18.0 or less may use combo tees with a handicap adjustment.  All members will have the option of hitting from the blue tees.

Doug presented the tournament schedule and a couple of adjustments still need to be made.

Singles/Doubles sign-up was discussed.  A table will be set up at the Spring Mixer for this purpose.  We will use a first come/first served system with a limit of 48 Singles and 16 Doubles.  No others will be allowed after these limits are reached.

Deadlines will be established for Single and Doubles.  If the deadline of 5 weeks is missed, a tee time will be assigned by the Board for the match to be played.  Players missing this date will forfeit their match.

Wayne encouraged each Board member to read the article in Minnesota Golfer dealing with the new handicap system so that they can answer questions from the membership about how it will affect our club this season.

Motion to adjourn by Joe Giefer, seconded by John Cacich.  Meeting adjourned at 8:17.

Submitted by

John C. Magnuson