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Como Mens Club Board of Directors (Committee)

President - Wayne Miller (Tournament, Greens, 12 Man Team)

Vice President - John Cacich (Metro Seniors)

Secretary - John Magnuson

Treasurer -

Handicap Chairman - Gary Ketchel

Doug Miller (Tournament, 12 Man Team)

Bob Schmall (Metro Seniors, Communications)

Dave Overkamp (Dress Code Enforcement)

Chris Conrad (Tournament)

Joe Giefer (Tournament, Greens)

Jack Kenney (Tournament)
JANUARY 15, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:12 pm. 

Attending were:  Wayne Miller, Bob Schmall, John Cacich, Doug Miller, Jack Kenney, Joe Giefer, Chris Conrad, and Tom Dapper.  Board members Gary Ketchel and Dave Overkamp were unable to attend.

The following officers were elected:

President -  Wayne Miller

Vice President - John Cacich

Handicap Chairman - Gary Ketchel

Secretary/Treasurer - Tom Dapper

Tournament Committee -  Doug Miller, Joe Giefer, Chris Conrad, Jack Kenney, Wayne Miller

Metro Seniors - Bob Schmall, John Cacich.

Greens Committee - Joe Giefer and Wayne Miller

Presently there is a balance of $1525.00 in the Club’s treasury.  This is made up of $335 in the Hole-in-One account, and $1190.00 in the Club checking account.  The balance is smaller than in past years due in large part to the lowering of scorecard rates from $85 to $50 for a standard ad.
It was noted that Foursome Golf Management (formerly Envision) has finalized a 10 year extension in its management agreement with the City.

With Larry Jagoe having stepped down from the Board, Bob Schmall will handle the announcement to be published in neighborhood paper soliciting new members and announcing the date of this year’s Spring Mixer.

It was agreed that Club dues will remain at $100, and the one-time offer of $50 dollar dues to former members shall continue.

To save some time and cost, announcements for this year’s Spring & Fall Mixers will be sent by e-mail where possible.  Members who either do not use e-mail or have not included such information on their renewal forms will be contacted by regular mail.

Discussion took place about last year’s changes to Match Play.  Primarily this was the elimination of the qualifying tourney, and stricter enforcement of deadlines for the various stages of the competition.  Overall it was felt the changes worked well considering participation saw an increase, and all champions were determined within the deadline constraints.  Problems in the compressed time for play-in matches appears to be the most noted complaint regarding the changed entry format.  One solution discussed was an earlier sign-up deadline, and determination of pairings to give more time to complete any play-in matches.  The topic is expected to receive continuing attention in subsequent Board meetings.
The next Board meeting is scheduled for February 19.

The meeting adjourned at 8:25 p.m.

Submitted for review and consideration,

Tom Dapper

FEBRUARY 19, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:16 p.m.  In attendance were:  Wayne, Miller, Bob Schmall, Gary Ketchel, Dave Overkamp, Doug Miller, Jack Kenney, and Tom Dapper.  Unable to attend were: Joe Giefer, John Cacich, and Chris Conrad.

Minutes of the January meeting were reviewed and accepted.

Discussion took place concerning Match Play.  As with 2017, there will be no qualifying.  Members need only to sign up in order to be in the competition.
The following deadlines were decided upon:

Sign-up:                          May 13

Pairings:                         May 19

Play-ins & 1st Round:      July 1

2nd Round:                     July 29

3rd Round:                     September 1

4th Round:                     September 30

Proposed tournament schedule was discussed.  The schedule again includes 2 Skins games in which the Club will provide an added $50 to the pot.  There will be 11 Sweeps contests.  The Senior Club Championship will be a bit earlier this year; June 23 – 24.  Final approval of the schedule will take place at the March meeting.

A new release inviting new members to join is being prepared, and will be submitted for publication to the Park Bugle, Midway Monitor, and Roseville Review.

Members will again be encouraged to participate in various 2 day events sponsored by the MPGA.
The possibility of a 3 or 6 club tourney near the end of the season was discussed.

The date for this year’s Spring Mixer will be Friday, April 13.

The next Board meeting is scheduled for Monday, March 12 at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting adjourned at 8:08.

Submitted for review and consideration,

Tom Dapper

March 12, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 7:07 p.m.  Attending were: Wayne Miller, Bob Schmall, John Cacich, Chris Conrad, Gary Ketchel, Bob Schmall, Jack Kenney, Joe Giefer, and Tom Dapper.

Minutes of the February meeting were reviewed and approved.
Changes were made to the match play deadlines.  Specifically, the deadline for play-in matches will now be June 10, and the first round deadline will be July 1.

Bob Schmall reported the news release has been published by the Monitor, and will soon be published by the Bugle and the Roseville Review.

A 4 club tourney was added for October 7.

Cost of last year’s Spring Mixer was reported to have been $685.40.  A similar cost is anticipated for this year’s Mixer.

Efforts will begin to sell scorecard advertisements.

Tentatively, a scramble format event to honor Ned Hanna and others is scheduled for August 4.  Entry fee would be $15 with $5 of each entry being donated to the Northwest Como athletic program in Ned’s name.

The possibility of digital sign-up for events is being investigated.

Members will be urged to provide their e-mail addresses to improve communication of Club-wide news.

A software program, Golf Genius, is being looked at for use in event scoring.

A schedule designating 2 Board members for running Calcuttas is being developed.

The meeting adjourned at 8:01 p.m.

Submitted for review and consideration,

Tom Dapper